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With Open Minds started 5 years ago with a multicultural, diversity camp to bring together local American teens with refugee and immigrant teens to develop cross-cultural respect and mutual understanding.  The vision is to develop leaders with a foundation to create social change towards world peace by fostering compassion for all. 

Through meaningful, intercultural friendships teens learn the importance to preserve one’s own culture;  engage comfortably in multicultural environments;  be role models for their peers in cross-cultural trust and friendships;  better understand social justice locally and globally;  continue to develop as confident, passionate leaders of the future; and begin reversing the cycle of negative, destructive prejudices and discrimination and conflicts that lead to wars.

The organization has grown to offer residential, multicultural, diversity camps and after-school experiences for youth in the Manchester area. The plan is to expand into more communities in NH.  Using cultural arts, education, recreation and service learning, focused on prevention of acts of hate and violence, With Open Minds teaches positive, constructive ways to confront racism, religious persecution and conflicts of all kinds. 

Activities include in depth dialogs of personal cultural experiences and personal life stories, along with the students teaching each other their cultural art, music, cooking and other various ways that recognize the customs and traditions of the numerous countries of these youth.  To date over 100 young people representing 43 countries have been served, learning how to effectively engage in multicultural interactions by honoring and celebrating each other’s cultural heritage.  

With Open Minds partnered with St. Anselm College as part of the Humanities "Portraits of Greatness" project, which is in its third year.  Recently, the organization is working with Arts in Reach, AIR, an organization that provides mentoring through the arts to teenage girls in the Greater Seacoast of New Hampshire.  These opportunities have allowed students who have participated in the multicultural, diversity camps to participate in these two programs.

For more information email or call the Founder/Director, Marilyn Fellows Kellogg at 603-793-3333.  All of our information is also at

Posted on: Thursday, March 22, 2012

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