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Homeland Heroes Foundation

The Homeland Heroes Foundation was founded in Oct. 2013. Our mission is to support the men and women who are either serving or whom have served our great nation and are in need of some assistance to get back on their feet.

We currently have a 2000 sq. ft. donation center located in NH but our dream is to expand and open more HHF donation centers across the U.S.
Albeit a lofty goal, we believe it is attainable by the outpouring of support that we have received thus far that has opened doors and helped us to get where we are in under 4 years.

Our donation center is located in Hudson NH and it is filled with gently used furniture and household necessities that we donate to veterans on a regular basis. We also provide emergency food assistance, fuel assistance, Christmas toys for children at the Portsmouth Navy Shipyard and Pease AF base, we purchase new beds, we offer an annual scholarship to the child of a veteran, we send care packages to Afghanistan, we have sent 24 military couples who were struggling with divorce on an all expense paid marriage retreat weekend, we offer other professional services such as resources for VA mortgages and more.

HHF recently learned about the plight of a young military family who were in need of help.
The dad, a ten year service member with the National Guard, and recently home from deployment, found himself and his young family homeless.

Without the financial resources to find appropriate housing he decided that his best alternative was to move his family to a campground until they could save enough money to find adequate housing in the fall.

In early September they moved into a motel in Manchester, but at the cost of $85.00 per night, they knew they had to do something quickly as their income barely covered the cost of a one week stay. With help from a few veterans organizations, they received some financial assistance for the cost of the room, food stamps and more.

But when HHF learned that this family with 2 children ages 3 & 5 were living in a one room motel room with nothing more than 2 beds, a microwave and a small refrigerator we jumped into action.

We were able to do the following; we paid for 4 nights at the motel and then found them temporary housing that will cost them $900.00 per month, including all utilities. We paid $500.00 toward their first month's rent, we convinced the owner of the storage unit where all their early possessions reside, to give them 2 months free rent, we gave them new and gently used clothes for the children, we gave them several gas & food cards as well as many other misc gift cards, we found a mechanic to work on their truck (which is at the end of its life cycle) to donate free labor to fix the truck. However as it turns out, the truck is not worth fixing and we are currently trying to help them find a reliable vehicle. If you are reading this and have any suggestions regarding an inexpensive vehicle, please let us know.

Additionally, we will be sponsoring them at Thanksgiving and Christmas to make sure they have everything they need for a happy holiday season.

FYI: As of this writing, they are doing well, and hopefully with a little breathing room will be able pull it all together for a more secure future for their family.

Please visit our FB page:

or webiste

or please call Julie at 617-470-2422 to learn more.

Posted on: Tuesday, November 1, 2016

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