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Odyssey Writing Workshops

Odyssey Writing Workshops Charitable Trust provides educational services to help adult authors of fantasy, science fiction, and horror to improve their work. We hold an intensive, six-week workshop each summer at Saint Anselm College in Manchester for writers whose work is approaching publication quality and for published writers who want to improve their work. We also hold additional workshops and online classes, provide manuscript critiques, and offer free writing and publishing tips, weekly LiveJournal entries, and monthly podcasts, so we may help writers at all levels, from beginners to established professionals.

While Odyssey has just become a charitable trust, the six-week workshop was founded in 1996. Since then, Odyssey has become one of the most highly respected workshops for writers of fantasy, science fiction, and horror. Top authors, editors and agents have served as guests at Odyssey. Talented writers have come from all across the US, Canada, the UK, Australia, and Singapore to attend the six-week workshop, and 53% of graduates have gone on to be professionally published. Our graduates include award winners and even a New York Times bestseller.

Odyssey is known for providing a supportive yet challenging environment, pushing writers to work harder than they have ever worked before to improve their craft. In-depth lectures and honest, detailed feedback are hallmarks of Odyssey, along with the philosophy that an author's journey to become the best he can be is lifelong.

For more information about this organization please contact:
Jeanne Cavelos, Director
Odyssey Writing Workshops Charitable Trust
P.O. Box 75
Mont Vernon, NH 03057
Phone/Fax (603) 673-6234

Posted on: Monday, January 30, 2017

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