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Art & Dialogue continues to design monumental, public-participation art installations for all ages and skill levels. But now, we are expanding our mission to explore how all of today’s issues—from environment to gender—are interconnected.

Over the last two years, our organization has undergone a huge transformation that expanded our focus on water issues into a much broader mission to address a range of critical social and environmental issues facing our society, today. With this transition, the organization became a non-profit, 501(c)(3) and we changed our name to Art & Dialogue. Prior to becoming Art & Dialogue, Executive Director, Christine Destrempes, ran another organization called Art for Water for seven years. The programs developed under Art for Water have been expanded with Art & Dialogue’s mission, along with the commitment to engage the public in conversation and to inspire community collaboration.

Through the creation of collaborative, public-participation, art installations, Art & Dialogue continues to provide unconventional pathways for addressing how critical social and environmental issues often intersect. Our programs offer opportunities for individuals of all ages and skill levels  to come together in a process of dialogue and art-making. This experience sets the stage for investigation and civic engagement through creative self-expression. We partner with environmental and arts organizations, universities, public and private schools, and communities in New England to make art accessible to all demographics within a community. Our projects become site-specific installations that are professionally exhibited in museums and galleries, as well as in non-traditional venues.

Public-participation art invites individuals and communities to think actively about critical issues from alternative perspectives, and then contribute their ideas and creativity in a public collaboration. The art installations created in response to a set of issues generate novelty and beauty. The installations impact participants, as well as observers, through the reflection of the power of many small contributions joining together. For those who do not identify themselves as “creative” or even culturally savvy, seeing the product of their efforts exhibited professionally in a museum or gallery is an empowering experience. For many of our co-creators, visiting an Art & Dialogue exhibit is their first encounter with a museum or gallery.

To become involved in Art & Dialogue and to show your support you can:

  • Visit our website to read about our programs.
  • Volunteer your time during one of our public projects.
  • Contact us to collaborate on a project.
  • Become one of our community artists who help implement programs.
  • Become a donor through a tax-deductible contribution or in-kind donation of skills/services.
  • Talk with your friends, family, co-workers, and community about the power of art, collaboration, and open dialogue.
Posted on: Tuesday, January 10, 2017

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