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State contracting, short time limits to fulfill contracts and overly burdensome requirements that result in nonprofits delivering mammoth reams of documents to the state was a topic of conversation between newly elected Executive Councilor Joseph Kenney and nonprofit leaders at this month’s Nonprofit Capital Exchange.

The Internal Revenue Service is prepared to rewrite a proposed rule regulating the political activities of non-profit groups to address complaints from the right and left that it goes too far, IRS Commissioner John Koskinen said Monday.

HB 1334, sponsored by Representative Daniels, adds clarifying language to RSA 275:48 that would allow employee withholding for charitable organizations, including the charitable organization the employee works for.

Senate Bill 186, a bill that would require any NH nonprofit that receives more than $250,000 in the aggregate from federal, state or local funds to send a Board chair, officer or designee to a required biennial training, was heard by the House Executive Departments and Administration Committee (ED & A) on April 1.

The NH House of Representatives voted on two nonprofit related bills: HB 1509 and HB 1450.

Nonprofits criticized a plan offered by President Obama on Tuesday that would limit the value of all tax deductions, including the charitable deduction, for wealthy taxpayers.

Pointing out that NH’s nonprofits employ 1 in 7 workers and that services provided by nonprofits weigh heavily into the state’s quality of life, nonprofit leaders engaged Jeffrey Rose, Commissioner of the Department of Resources and Economic Development (DRED) in a meaningful discussion of new ways to think about nonprofit impact at Tuesday’s Nonprofit Capital Exchange hosted at Sulloway & Hollis.

Head of the House Ways and Means Committee Rep. Dave Camp, Michigan Republican, announced a draft bill early last week that if enacted would levy a tax on nonprofits that pay employees $1-million or more and would require gifts to donor-advised funds to be deployed to charities within five years.

The House is taking aim at nonprofit financial practices with an eye toward putting more gifts directly to work for charities. It would slap a tax on nonprofits that pay employees $1-million or more and would require gifts to donor-advised funds to be deployed to charities within five years.

Highlighting the value nonprofits contribute to economic development - this recent Nonprofit Quarterly article proposes that a new commission on job training led by Vice President Biden “convene the nation’s best locally-focused job training nonprofits” as a means to develop policy based on the most successful practices from around the nation.


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