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Despite affirmative votes from NH’s Congresswomen Carol Shea-Porter and Annie Kuster, the Supporting America’s Charities Act fell short of the ⅔ majority needed for passage in the House. The Senate is expected to pass the House’s short-term tax-extenders bill this week before adjourning.

In the few remaining days of the lame duck Congress, there may be an opportunity to pass legislation - HR 5806, the Supporting America's Charities Act - to make three charitable tax incentives permanent.

The last weeks of Congress in 2014 could mean progress on restoring and extending important tax provisions to the nonprofit sector.

Nonprofit Quarterly's Rick Cohen put together a two-part special report on the mid-term elections from a nonprofit perspective.

A Senate Bill proposing a 4-hour mandatory board member training for nonprofits that receive public funds was stopped in its tracks for the rest of the 2014 session.

Representative David Hess of Hooksett has introduced a Legislative Service Request (LSR 2015-H-0059-R) to, according to its title, include nonprofit charitable enterprises under the business enterprise tax, and lower the rate of the tax.

The National Council of Nonprofits is launching a new campaign to raise awareness - specifically among nonprofit board members - that being an advocate for your nonprofit’s mission is an important role for every board member to play.

Earlier this summer, a nationally prominent nonprofit leader said this to an audience of people from public charities and private foundations: “Nonprofits have a duty to advocate on behalf of the people who have no voice, to demand social justice.” Many in the audience nodded in agreement; others waited politely for him to get past his warm-up comments to get to something they hadn’t heard before. One audience member was heard muttering under her breath, “yeah, but who has the time?”

The NH Center for Nonprofits and NH Charitable Foundation will be sending a letter to both Senator Ayotte and Senator Shaheen regarding the America Gives More Act, and we need your support.

A bill that will help minimize the red tape and easily allow owners of cars valued between $500 to $5000 to donate the automobiles to charitable nonprofits has been introduced in the US House of Representatives.


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