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Executive Director

NH Psychological Association

The New Hampshire Psychological Association (NHPA) is the professional trade association for

psychologists in New Hampshire and is centrally located in Concord, New Hampshire - one hour

from Boston, the seacoast, and the White Mountains. For over 50 years NHPA has been the voice

of psychologists in the state of New Hampshire and a champion of the mental health community.

NHPA is dedicated to the development of psychology as a science, a profession, and a means of

promoting human welfare.

NHPA is seeking a seasoned, engaging, and collaborative leader as their next Executive Director. Recent success with a psychologist in the position creates some preference for psychologist applicants; however, all qualified individuals with a professional education and employment background will be considered.

The Executive Director is a part-time, salaried position with flexible hours and the opportunity to work partially from home. The position offers the opportunity to engage in meaningful and purposeful work that makes a real and noticeable difference in the profession of psychology, in the life and work of our members, and in the lives of the New Hampshire citizens we serve as psychologists.

NHPA is currently thriving as an organization, such that it is an exciting and propitious time to bring on a new Executive Director. The Executive Director is the face of NHPA and is responsible for the successful leadership and management of the organization according to the strategic directions set by the NHPA Board of Directors. The Executive Director coordinates with the Board and with NHPA membership to carry out the mission of the organization. This individual interfaces with the general public, various professional and legislative communities, and national organizations. The Executive Director reports to the Board and is responsible for supervising all business functions of the organization. Primary responsibilities include: board administration and support, financial and operational management, professional advocacy, member services, supervision of staff, and liaising with other associations and organizations. For additional information please visit our website at


Board Administration and Support

  • Provide initiative and assistance to the Board of Directors in setting annual goals and facilitating the achievement of these goals
  • Implement the relevant goals established by the Board of Directors
  • Assist the Board with short and long term planning
  • Plan programs and services based on Board priorities
  • Develop recommendations on NHPA policy matters of concern to the Association for approval by the NHPA Board
  • Oversee and implement NHPA policy established by the NHPA Board of Directors
  • Attend NHPA Executive Committee and Board of Directors meetings (ex officio)
  • Act as an advisor to the Board and to all Board Committees and Task Forces
  • Provide liaison between the Board of Directors and the Committees of the NHPA
  • Alert the Association to current events and future trends that may affect NH Psychologists
  • Oversee the implementation of the election procedures for the NHPA Board of Directors
  • Keep the Board informed about the affairs of the Association
  • Provide a year-end ED report to the Board of Directors
  • Provide year-to-year continuity for the Association

Financial and Operational Management

  • Prepare budgets for Board approval in consultation with the Treasurer
  • Oversee the maintenance of the Association’s financial records including ensuring all monies paid to the Association are deposited in a lawful financial institution chosen by the board; ensuring that deposits and investments achieve maximum results within the possibilities of minimum to moderate risk; ensuring that an audited balance sheet and an audited statement of the year’s financial operations are prepared and available
  • Prepare and provide appropriate/necessary documentation to the NHPA Accountant and payroll service on a timely basis
  • Allocate resources in a manner that is consistent with the budget approved by the Board
  • Monitor the organization’s finances and operations in relationship to the approved budget and make informed financial decisions
  • Oversee the timely collection of NHPA member dues
  • Oversee all NHPA expenditures and approve the purchase of supplies and office equipment in accordance with the NHPA financial policy
  • Oversee the Association’s database, website, and electronic mail
  • Oversee the maintenance of NHPA’s computer systems, monitor all database and computer operations, and develop computer applications to carry out the Association’s activities

Professional Advocacy

  • Maintain and enhance psychology as a leading health care profession with a respected professional identity
  • Represent the NHPA in all matters related to the NHPA’s business and concerns to outside organizations, regulatory bodies, and in the legislative arena
  • Increase public awareness of psychologists and the benefits of psychology
  • In conjunction with the President, be responsible for Press Releases, Op-eds, and media connections as it relates to the profession
  • Oversee the NHPA referral service
  • Marketing the profession, the association, and the referral service

Member Services

  • Oversee the NHPA continuing educational program
  • Provide services to meet the clinical and practice needs of NHPA members
  • Oversee the maintenance and enhancement of member benefits
  • Oversee all NHPA print and electronic publications
  • Maintain and enhance communication within the NHPA and between the NHPA, other organizations, and the public
  • Oversee NHPA member communications including: NIB, e-Blasts, website, listserv, and social media

Human Resources

  • The ED is responsible for overseeing all operations of the NHPA Office including hiring, supervising, evaluating and terminating/releasing NHPA staff.
  • Maintain all personnel files
  • Approve time sheets, banked time requests, vacation requests, & staff development requests
  • Manage staff scheduling to ensure that the office is covered at all times 
  • Assist in recruitment of new staff and interviewing of new staff 
  • Maintain and update all job descriptions and salary grids
  • Ensure effective staff and team communications 

Liaison with Other Associations and Organizations:

  • Develop and maintain effective relationships and collaborative initiatives between the NHPA and the American Psychological Association (APA), key NH organizations, legislators and government officials, and the general public
  • In conjunction with the Board of Directors, Executive committee, and Legislative Committee, coordinate NHPA’s legislative agenda and policies with other professional associations and oversee any media or public relations events regarding professional psychological practice issues
  • Conduct or arrange for lobbying efforts on behalf of the association as directed by the Board of Directors
How to Apply:

Please submit a letter of interest and resume/CV to


Job Location:


Date Added: August 15, 2017

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